Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Master Violet Ray

At first I assumed that this discussion of the Master Violet Ray at Irrational Games must have been the start of an ARG for Bioshock Infinite:

Marketed in the early 20th century as a miracle device cure for just about any ailment, the Violet Ray is little more than a handle that powers a glass tube attachment filled with neon, argon, or helium. Touching a powered Violet Ray creates a tingling sensation whose intensity can be increased with a power dial.
But apparently it's a real device. There are several on sale at eBay.


  1. They are more commonly called Violet Wands. The attachments come in many shapes, sizes and colors. There are also attachments that let you use normal light bulbs and body probes that let you electrify yourself so your touch zaps people.

    My boyfriend has one, it's an incredibly fun toy.

  2. Wow, learn something new everyday.

  3. Time to listen to a certain NOFX song....

  4. My grandmother had one when she was a child diagnosed with TB. The coolest attachment is the one for your eyes...

  5. My grandpa has one with 4 attachments. A tube, a ball, a flat disc and (my favorite) a rake. If I remember correctly, according to the instructions he had the ball was for your healing your various organs, the disc was for the skin, the rake was for re-growing hair and the tube is for hemorrhoids (Yikes).