Friday, December 31, 2010

Plinkett reviews Revenge of the Sith

The latest excellent movie analysis from Red Letter Media. This time, it's more than 100 minutes on exactly why Revenge of the Sith is such a bad movie. The third segment makes the most interesting observations. (If you've never watched one of these, be forewarned, there's some very macabre humor.)

He also thanks Lucas for not ruining Han Solo by shoe-horning him into the film (like poor Chewbacca). And then he imagines what the young Han Solo action figure would have been:

(The babies are Luke and Leia.)

I would say the most disappointing aspect of Revenge of the Sith was that the design was so weak. I can't think of a single vehicle, character, or setting introduced in that movie that was special. In fact, Grievous was a tremendous disappointment after being so interesting in the Tartakovsky cartoons.

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