Thursday, December 2, 2010

Post-apocalyptic dolls

Post-apocalyptic dolls by Yeon Guun Jeong/BHEAD:

This last figure is called Lady Zhiva Voda. Via these sites.

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  1. His art is bloody fantastic, especially that its base is a 1/6 figure - crazy levels of detail :)

    It was insane that you could actually buy Zhiva Voda (

  2. I had a laugh when I saw the gritty barber pole in one of the figures diorama/stands: in Korea, where this guys from (and where I worked this year) in smaller cities, a barber pole means sex services are available. It's considered pretty retro, but most small cities outside of Seoul and Bussan are a little behind the times. It's neat to see nods to this in his work, heh.

  3. These things are amazing.
    It's like if katsuhiro otomo drew sunabozu.