Thursday, December 16, 2010

Tron link extravaganza

Now that it's finally time for Tron Legacy's release, here's a collection of the custom toys, Lego creations, papercraft, fashion, illustrations, sex instruction videos, and other oddities I've featured in the past. It's awfully disappointing that there's no Tron Little Golden Book to accompany the movie.

Tron Cosplay

Annissë as Quorra.

Tron Kairi.

Syuzi Pakhchyan as Quorra.

Sark cosplay.


Classic Tron.

Tron dog.

Tron Custom Toys

Quorra custom Dunny with light up LEDs by Michal Miszta.

Sark Munny by Mike Maraldo.

Tron Munny spotted here.

Stitch Tron by Scott Zillner.

Tron Lego

Debugger by Shannon Ocean.

Quorra by Iain Heath.

Spaceship by Dave Lartigue

Tron Guy Cubedude by Angus MacLane.

Paper Toys


Tron Arcade Cabinet by Scott C.

"Foldskool Heroes" by Marshall Alexander.

Tron Clothing

Motorcycle helmet by Ruby for Colette.


Nike Lunar Mariahs

Opening Ceremony.



Watch concept.


Propaganda posters by Steve Thomas on sale at Zazzle.

Mike Maihack

Quorra and Siren by Eric Canete.

Alex Solis

Otis Frampton.

Donkey Tron by Tymn Armstrong.

Eric Merced

Jorge Lacera.

Brandon Schaefer.

Inferno, Purgatorio, and Paradiso by Nicole Peterson.

Kathryn Hudson.

Andrew Wilson.

Don Knotts.

Chris Battle.

Jerrod Maruyama.

Tron On Ice.

Mr. Toast by Dan Goodsell

Barbara Tarr.

James White.

Joe D!.



Tron kama sutra.

South Park.

Saul Bass-style opening by Hexagonall.

Tony Hawk enters the world of Tron.

Tron Sweded.

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