Monday, December 13, 2010

Ultimate New Frontier Collector's Set

Ultimate New Frontier Collector's Set being auctioned off by Darwyn Cooke:

1 page of original artwork from Absolute New Frontier featuring the Challengers and the Suicide Squad on Dinosaur Island. 14 x17 on strathmore smooth bristol
1 sheet of rough Character Designs for the New Frontier Animated feature. Original by Darwyn. Artwork 11x17 on plain bond paper
1 copy of Absolute DC The New Frontier: This is a personal reading copy of my own. From my drawing table to your coffee table. Will personalize for the winner.
1 SUPER RARE ITEM-This is the test shot for the original Green Lantern toy produced by DC Direct. One of a kind.
1 New Frontier DC Direct Flash toy
1 DC: The New Frontier Promotional Poster sent to retailers only.
1DC: The New Frontier Animated Feature Best Buy Exclusive DVD including mini comic and mini Green Lantern toy.
1 Flash T-shirt by Graphitti designs, size large
1 Darwyn Cooke New Frontier Airlines T-shirt. This was a very rare retailer exclusive made by Darwyn for early promotion. Incredibly rareish. Size Extra Large
1 DC: The New Frontier promotional bookmark from Wondercon 2008
1 pack of playing cards from the actual New Frontier Casino in Las Vegas. Cards were actually used in a game and the casino is now long gone.

This is the fifth of twelve holiday auctions we're doing for the Hero Initiative. Please remember that all proceeds go to this fabulous organization and bid generously. Check back daily for more Xmas goodness!
Up for bid at eBay.