Friday, January 21, 2011

49th Annual Illustration West Exhibition

A few of the 150+ illustrations on display in Gallery Nucleus's 49th Annual Illustration West Exhibition:

Homesick-Taipei by Julia Yellow

James Cameron by Z. Xie

Skinwalker on the Roof by K. Swartz

13 Ways to Kill Your Community by Rick Sealock

Gulf Oil Spill Underwater Cutaway by John Roman

Butterfly by Emiliano Ponzi

Alice in Wonderland by Solongo Mellecker

Various by Bill Mayer

Satan's Murder Machine by J. Anthony Kosar

The Doomsday of Slumberland and Liar, Liar by Adela M. Kang

Dust Bunnies by Laura Hoffman

Transition by Nancy Chiu

Zebra and Lion by Nigel Buchanan

The Vegetable House by Julia Berman