Sunday, January 16, 2011

Dead Space 2 - - Your Mom Hates This

Fun ad campaign for Dead Space 2, a series of videos of "moms" being horrified by the game. Because "a mom's disapproval has always been an accurate baromoter of what is cool." Here's a making of video:

And here's one the videos just focusing on a particular mom:


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  1. I think this, as an ad campaign, is both brilliant and counter-intuitive. My mom lives three states away. But then, I am twenty-seven and legally allowed to purchase this game. This game is designates 17 and up - mature... mom, get out of my apartment!

  2. This might be the most brilliant video game campaign I've ever witnessed.

  3. Genius, pure and simple. I feel bad for participant #122 though.

  4. I don't know about this.

    Sure, it's funny as hell, no doubt about that. And as an ad campaign, it is brilliant. But if those ladies are indeed not actors, I find this somehow borderline in terms of infringement of privacy and personal dignity. Subjecting a bunch of women to something they sure don't want to see and not giving them any context just to see how they jump? That's almost as impressive as hiding behind a tree and jumping at people when they pass. Only that their reaction is exploited to sell a game that (after everything I heard) should be good enough to speak for itself. Good job EA!

  5. But that's the thing, EA told her that she'll be looking at video game footage and wanted her honest opinion of it. Sure they could be actors, but they did well either way.