Saturday, January 1, 2011

Leftovers 2010: TEOTWAWKI - The end of the world as we know it

Art from the Teotwawki show by EA Byrne and Jamie Lau at Fold Gallery:

"Unlike previous alarmist responses to a crisis which focused on one main threat - for example, nuclear war - today's survivalism is driven by an unbounded imagination of anxiety." Prof Frank Furedi

Summertime in London brings an air of festivities, the sound of children's laughter carried on the breeze as we sip our ice-cold drinks. However, the news on the radio seems intent on destroying this idyll. We are constantly informed by the persistent drone of the media, that 'the End of the World' is upon us.

Ash falling from the sky, terrorist attacks, tsunamis and meteorites, economic meltdown - modern-day society is subjected to a sense that we are in a constant state of threat, apparently living on the precipice of disaster.

It is the realisation of this, and the view from the precipice, that has conceived TEOTWAWKI.

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