Friday, January 7, 2011

Link roundup

1. From an article about the intense competition to get jobs as ratcatchers in India:

India seems to exist in multiple historical epochs simultaneously — nowhere more starkly than here, amid the crumbling stone walls and old goat bones of the Sathe Nagar housing colony in a northern suburb of India's financial capital, Mumbai, formerly called Bombay.
One side of the neighborhood is edged by a high shining fence beyond which lies 21st century India: the Bhabha Atomic Research Center, the country's premier nuclear research facility.
On this side of the fence, people live in a vaguely medieval place where need outweighs hope and there is still talk of the plague.

2. Tenacious Toys is taking preorders for the new Bramble from 3A Toys.

3. The BBTS has Lego Star Wars capsule toys.

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