Friday, January 21, 2011

Link roundup

1. "A police spy married an activist he met while undercover in the environmental protest movement and then went on to have children with her." Via.

2. NFL football coming back to LA? Here's what Bill Simmons says:

Absolutely. Very quietly, the group pushing the downtown stadium sold its naming rights for big bucks to Farmer's Insurance recently, that's going to give them most of the money to build it. I think LA will end up with TWO teams. That's my prediction. Definitely the Chargers, then someone else way down the line. I think the Vikes will stay, that team means too much to Minnesota and it would be even worse than the Sonics leaving Seattle if they left - just a complete failure by the organization and the league. We can't have an NFL that doesn't have a team in Minnesota. It's wrong.
3. Jordyn Bochon is looking for commissions.

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