Thursday, January 20, 2011

New Smog Miniatures

Rejoice, it's time for new Smog miniatures. I've been patiently waiting for the descriptions of the last two to be posted, but well, I'm not very patient:


Learning very fast from English scientists of the Mekazylum, Indian scientists have demonstrated their ability to give birth to typical automatons, tailor-made to fit to India's peculiar needs. Mekalis were created to serve local potentates as tireless and incorruptible bodyguards. Unfortunately, the first generations of these fearsome killers have shown a dramatically instable behaviour, frequently going into murderous accesses that ultimately led most mekalis to be withdrawn from service.

Prince Rabindranath Singh:
India is a place full of mysteries. Prince Rabindranath Singh is one of those. Once the most reknown Fakir of Bengal, he was driven out by the Radjah Shilaidaha, upset by the growing popularity of this half-naked charlatan that threatened his authority. Rabindranath took with him the Eye of Kali, a strange black stone tied to his turban and rumoured to be the source of his tremendous abilities. The stone's power quickly made the Prince a name in London and even opened him the doors of the Club.

Sergeant Hyde.

The Coprophagus.

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