Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Obviously my next art contest should feature this guy

This is apparently part of a "Tamil movie named Robot." It starts off like a combination of Terminator and The Matrix, but then it gets more and more inventive, featuring more giant monster thrills than a season's worth of SyFy movies. (Also interesting that the Wilhelm Scream is a standby in Tamil movies.)

UPDATE: As Simon points out, it's Endhiran:

You can buy posters at eBay and the movie itself at Amazon.


  1. actually the original movie title is Endhiran, and is one of the most expensive SCiFI Bollywood movie ever, (great special effects, score by AR Rahman and stunts by Woo-ping Yuen...). After Krrish, one of my favourites!

  2. This just made my day. Need more of those in occident.

  3. he looks like umpa lumpa! :D
    But i have to say its a really good one for bollywooD! :D

  4. From now on, I will judge all films by how many cobra-transforming, helicopter eating terminator robots they have.