Sunday, January 16, 2011

Review roundup

(Links are to Amazon.)

1. Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II (Wii): I don't remotely agree with the negative reviews for this game. It's terrific fun. Here's what you do in the game. You enter a room filled with Stormtroopers (or a few other enemies), and then you slaughter them. You can do so with double lightsaber combos, or lightning, or throwing your sabers, or throwing the troopers, or mindtricking the troopers into killing each other. And when you're done killing them, you move onto another room and kill more. All of the moves are extremely easy to pull off, and thrusting and shaking the remote and nunchuk adds a bit of visceral pleasure to the fun. The graphics are acceptable, and the story is fine, with an especially effective dark side ending. It might not be groundbreaking, but it sure is mindless fun.

2. Fantastic Four: The Masters of Doom: Fine, I guess. Not remotely as interesting as Millar and Hitch's tremendous work on The Ultimates, and not as good as their first Fantastic Four volume, either. Worth buying only if you really need something to read.

3. Super Spy: The Lost Dossiers: I loved Revolver and 3 Story: The Secret History of the Giant Man by Matt Kindt, but thought Super Spy was just fair. Well, Super Spy: The Lost Dossier feels like a (very short) collection of stuff that wasn't good enough to be included in Super Spy. Definitely not worth your time or money.

Here, I've embedded the light side and dark side endings from The Force Unleashed:

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