Friday, January 28, 2011

This sign apparently got Paul Maybury fired from Whole Foods

I pity the Whole Foods shoppers that didn't like this sign. (Update: it only sort of got him fired.)

On the other hand, this one might have been a little too adventurous:

And this one probably was a little offensive.

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  1. Those are all awesome. I'd be pissed if I got fired for being that cool.

  2. I got harassed by a couple of large line-backers at my university when I made similar sign to the Mr. T Sign. The name of our dorm was Jackson, so I drew Carl Weathers as 'Action Jackson',telling students to get their asses down to the basement for the rehearsal of our dorm play. I was threatened,intimidated and had the odious label of racist thrust upon me. The racists who did this refused to recant and brought it up every time they saw me for the next three years. The punchline: I'M NOT EVEN WHITE.

  3. Really, the complaint was unfounded. I lost a job for something similar. Whole Foods sells meat products, it's that simple. There was a special on said meat products, and they were advertised. And advertising has nearly always been designed to catch the eye of the customer. The sign did not mock vegans or vegetarians, it was a parody.

    Any vegan, vegetarian, omnivore, carnivore...anyone who was "offended" by this sign was an attention-hungry douchebag begging that his lifestyle choice be tolerated even though no one called it into question.