Sunday, January 16, 2011

This will make you a Clay Matthews fan...

Watch as Aaron Rodgers snubs a female cancer patient, but Clay Matthews stops to sign for her.

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  1. Easier to snip this from the YouTube page...
    "WBAY has posted a new article with Jan Cavanaugh's response to this whole thing.

    She isn't upset about not getting Rodger's autograph. After all, Rodgers has given her a number of autographs as recently as last weekend. She *is* upset at all of the tools out there making an issue out of this non-issue." bigunit94

  2. Oh, is that what you think happened? Rodgers saw her, recognized her, and quickly and correctly determined that she wasn't interested in having another of his autographs? Rodgers snubbed her, Matthews made her day.

  3. First off, I shouldn't have used someone else's words. The word "tool" wasn't the tone I was feeling. I was in a rush and cut/paste was simpler. Sorry.

    What I think is, I agree Rodgers snubbed her. No doubt. What concerns me is a) Rodgers has been giving to her in the past, he just didn't behave so great for the cameras this time. and b)Jan doesn't want this to become a thing (which the internet seems made to do. A video like this spreads like a grass-fire giving no context to the larger story).

    So, yeah, the camera caught Rodgers acting like he was a jerk for a moment and Matthews acting awesome but people are quick to jump on a hate bandwagon (which I guess is a much larger thing than this one example).