Tuesday, January 4, 2011

This won a design contest at Design By Humans

This won a design contest at Design By Humans.


  1. That's because at the end of 2010, we didn't actually start 2011, we went back in time to 1995. It's like a reset.

    Seriously, though, that's pathetic.

  2. I've mentioned before how terrible their contest winners are.

  3. Wait a minute, I think there's something wrong with your website... it says this is the "winner" of a contest.

  4. I entered that contest,not saying mine was the greatest, but cmon.

    there were three winners....one chosen one by DBH, one by vote, and one by the band.
    this was apparently chosen by the band...

    i thought they were supposed to be clean and sober!
    someone call their sponsor.

  5. Huh?! How did this win? This is terrible!