Thursday, January 6, 2011

Wait a second, Kitty Pryde really used to dress that way?

At first, I thought this was simply a bizarrely creative costume Maris Wicks created for Kitty Pryde:

But no, Kitty really briefly dressed that way:

After seeing her perform in concert, Kitty designed herself a costume modeled after Dazzler’s. Much to the X-Men’s amusement, Kitty wore a golden skintight suit, a similar pair of roller skates and some ballet leotards on top of it. [Uncanny X-Men #149] Xavier, however, was not happy with this design and reminded Kitty that one had to earn the right for an individual costume, so she returned to wearing the standard outfit.

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  1. Poor Kitty - Almost all of her costumes are nightmares. Such a shame for a character who became something really cool.

  2. in her defense it was the early 80's and we all sorta looked like that at one time or another... well some of us more than others