Monday, February 28, 2011

Brianne Drouhard's Billie the Unicorn

I received a preview copy of Brianne Drouhard's Billie the Unicorn, and my initial impression was that neither I nor my sons were going to like it very much (even though Brianne's worked on two of my boys' favorites - - Avengers and Batman: The Brave and the Bold). The first few pages did nothing to dispel that impression as they're about Billie and her unicorn friends and how much fun they have using their magical horns to grow different types of flowers.

But soon thereafter the story takes a surprising turn as Billie runs afoul of an evil queen and her robotic minions. This particular illustration isn't in the book but gives you a good idea of how the characters look:

My boys were rapt until the end, and I'm sure we'll be enjoying the book many more times in the future. It's a solid 32-pages long and available for preorder for 35% off at Amazon. Brianne also has a few paintings and prints on sale at Gallery Nucleus.