Friday, February 11, 2011

Cute kid recounts Commando in ill-conceived campaign

This is a video of a very cute boy describing the plot of Commando. Now the boy is adorable, and I'm preconditioned to like the video because I love the movie (the mall in the movie is the one I hung out in as a child - - it's since been completely torn down and rebuilt).


The video is the first in a series called "Stop the pity. Unlock the Potential." The point of the campaign is to make people stop thinking of "war" and "genocide" when they think of Africa.

A video of a young boy totally enraptured by an extremely violent movie is probably not going to get the job done.

They couldn't find a cute kid that liked a Disney movie?


  1. When was Commando a "cult classic"? I totally agree, its a funny video, but not quite fitting the brief!

  2. I think its a perfect choice , it makes the whole changing a countries image as defined by it's wars extend to America at the same as Africa, it puts you in the position of what it might feel like to be African and to have you're whole culture defined through violence. That it's complicated by the fact the kid enjoys it so much is the very reason you want to help, to eliminate that its a violent movie neutralizes the stakes in helping.