Friday, February 4, 2011

Downloadable valentines and more

Here's a whole bunch of valentines available for download or purchase, and a few other love-themed items.

Pop-up valentines on sale here.

Crude valentine.

Mola Ram Valentine.

Downloadable valentines.

Downloadable squid valentine.

Lost Valentines.

Kozik Valentines.

Star Wars Valentines.

Tiny "you're as cute as a button" valentine.

Plantable Valentine.

Predator Valentine.

McDonald's Valentines.

Mr. T Valentine.

Steampunk Valentine.

Disaster and monster Valentines.

Star Wars Valentine.

Turtle Valentine.

Awkward Valentines.

Pro-violence Batman Valentines.

Burning Love Valentine

Randy Macho Man Savage Valentine.

Hearts Valentine.

Donut Valentine.

Naughty Valentines.

Law and Order Valentines.

Robot Valentine.

Cthulhu Valentine.

Tarsier Valentine.

Geeky valentines.

Flasher valentine.

Hugs valentine.

Vlad the Impaler valentines.

Cthulhu Valentines at Amazon.

Cute makeable valentine.

Downloadable Scooby-Doo valentine.

Downloadable owl wrapping paper.

Heart cake.

Marshmallow Loves Jellybean by Louie Chin.

Carrots in love.

Kokoro by Kristin Tercek.




Tron and Yori

Box of candy gemstones.


  1. I bought a set of those Naughty cards last year. Mailed one a day for a week to my girlfriend in Prague. 2 months later they were returned to me as undeliverable. Apparently I needed to put the name of her landlord on the address. We broke up shortly after that.

  2. What a great collection! Surprised to see my work in there as well - thank you :D

  3. Disaster, Monsters, and Vladentines were mine - Lots more at!/album.php?aid=180286&id=1322385421 or

    -Jacob Chabot