Saturday, February 5, 2011

Link roundup

1. Rose George:

We have always used the sea for transport. But shipping has changed dramatically in half a century, and not always for the better. With containerisation, the days of romantic shore leave are long gone. In the dizzying pace of a highly competitive industry, a vast container ship can be loaded and unloaded in 24 hours. Before, an officer told me, he would wonder whether he had time for dinner. Now he doesn’t know if he has time to get a newspaper.
2. Lewis & Clark Law School has a job board that's password protected so only its alumni can make use of its listings. The school changes its password regularly. Alumni weren't amused when the most recent password was "fail8ure."

3. How to use humor to defuse difficult situations.


  1. I took a container ship from Busan, South Korea to Long Beach. There were stops in Osaka and Tokyo. Even if I had been allowed off the ship (Japan wouldn't allow it) I would not have had time to see anything. Those stevedores moved fast! Once we got to the US though the crew (German and Russian) complained about how slow US workers were and how the unions wouldn't even allow me to take my own bags off the ship.

  2. That must have been wild. Was it otherwise uneventful?

  3. Other than watching them load and unload, there wasn't much to do. You are allowed to walk around the deck and use the weight room, but not sure you'd want to do that as the weights shift as the ship rocks back and forth.
    The ship was loaded with DVDs and books and some of the crew offered their "girlfriends" (porn) so there was always something to do. The meals were alright as well.

    Here is my boring account of week one: