Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Link roundup

1. From a long interview with Mike Mignola at BldgBlog:

I’m not going to do any stories that I don’t want to draw—and, for the most part, those are places that also just aren’t particularly interesting for me to write about.

It’s interesting, because the spin-off book from Hellboy—B.P.R.D.—is written by another writer. I have some involvement there, but the books are written by somebody else. You look at that book now, and the current storyline takes place in a trailer park. It’s entirely made of the places I have no interest in writing about—but the other writer doesn’t have my overwhelming love of the Gothic. He’s a much more modern type of writer, so we differ on our choice of locations.

But, now, a haunted bank? You know, that would be cool—but it would have to be a really, really old bank. And preferably a bank that’s been abandoned for a bunch of years, so you have cobwebs and things. I just like those old, spooky settings.
2. Videogum on all the articles about the kid in the Volkswagen Star Wars commercial:
Really, Internet? This seems lazy, even for you. I mean, I know that you’re basically built on a foundation of kittens wearing casts and lazy Star Wars references, but sheesh.
Exactly. Anyone know who directed the video?

3. "400 hungry wolves overrun Siberian town of 1,300."

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