Monday, February 14, 2011

Link roundup

1. Dog with removable heart sculpture (it's cute).

2. John Allison:

Webcomics is the sphere where you give it all away. All your hard work, all of it. It works to an extent, but only to an extent. Giving away your backbreaking labour then selling someone a tshirt based on a Star Wars joke you knocked out in fifteen minutes is mental.
3. Last Exit to Nowhere's new limited edition t-shirt for Paul is on sale (UK only).


  1. Something all web cartoonists seem to forget: Diary of a Wimpy Kid started as a webcomic. There is a way to make money, it's just not always along the path that PvP, PA, and CAD espouse.

  2. True. Mark Millar's probably a better person to emulate.