Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Link roundup

1. Animated gif of Leia/Carrie Fisher handing a beer to Luke/Mark Hamill sitting in an X-Wing.

2. Gizmodo:

Truth be told though, it's impossible to fully replicate Coke's recipe because there's one ingredient only Coca-Cola can get: fluid extract of coca (which is coca leaves stripped of cocaine). Only one factory can process those leaves and only Coca-Cola has a special deal with the DEA that allows them to use it.
3. This is an interesting read about how Ferrari sets extremely specific terms before allowing reporters to test drive its cars.

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  1. Also, regarding Coca-Cola, if you were able to reproduce the secret formula by getting all the ingredients, it would be interesting but ultimately pointless, because it would end up costing you X amount, whereas for the Coca-Cola company, it only costs them 1% of X amount to do what they've been doing for a century...