Thursday, February 3, 2011

Link roundup

1. This sounds like a Pixar movie:

It feels like spring has already sprung this Valentine's Day month in California, especially at the Orange County Zoo, where a wild bald eagle has been making daily visits to the zoo's 6-year-old female bald eagle, Olivia, for more than a week.

The wild bird "frequently perches near the enclosure of Olivia...and calls back and forth with her," Marisa O'Neil, public information officer at the zoo, said in a press release.
2. A long, detailed look at how Minecraft became such a huge hit, and suggestions for how other companies might emulate its success. Via.

3. I've mentioned several times how great the first half of Dead Space 2 is (if you like Alien, then you should definitely watch the Dead Space 2 playthrough), but wow, the second half of the game is terrible. The first half features an intriguing, albeit cliched plot, and one fascinating environment after another (mental hospital, zero-g high above a moon base, daycare center, gore-spattered hallways under ultraviolet light). The second half of the game is just one tedious gun battle after another against the same handful of foes in one forgettable room after another. The behavior of Ellie is so nonsensical that I was convinced (hoping) that she was a figment of Isaac's imagination, and the plot developments in the last two levels made no sense at all.