Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Link roundup

1. My Twitter feed today had twice the number of Tweets as usual today - - all Nick Denton retweeting people telling him how incredible i09's new design is. (If that's progress, I don't want any part of it. It's certainly easy on the eyes, but it's like the front page of a newspaper, with even less information.)

2. The BBTS has preorder listings for 3.75" Assassin's Creed action figures.

3. Headlines today: (1) Apple rejects Sony's eReader app, are Amazon and Dark Horse next?; (2) Microsoft caught stealing Google's search results for Bing; (3) Google works to help Egyptians use Twitter via a voice connection. Which company are you routing for?


  1. I agree with you on the io9 re-design. It may load faster, but it takes much longer for me to peruse the headlines. I liked it better when I could just scroll down and have stuff catch my eye.

  2. The new Gawker designs are pretty terrible. The new design is as equally cluttered as the previous, body font seems unnecessarily large, and to read the story with comments you have to click through twice. I am also looking forward to when I inadvertently get redirected to a Fleshbot post at work since you can't see any of the tags like #nsfw.

  3. Could not agree more about io9. It looks pretty, as long as you're not trying to peruse the articles.

  4. I'm going to go out on a limb and defend the new Gawker designs. The old version wasn't anything special, there is no such thing as a finished web design, everything is constantly tweaked so as time goes on I'm sure they'll get better. My biggest complaint with the older version was that there wasn't enough headlines per page, and they've pretty much fixed that.

    Like with every other user interface, it'll get easier when we get familiar with it. Nobody likes change.

    What I think is more important here is that this was clearly designed for the iPad, a web trend that is in its infancy and I'm interested to see whether designing for tablets over traditional screens is a good idea in the long run. Right now the new Twitter was the only other one that comes to mind, and I can guarantee you that over time we'll only see more.

  5. I get that - - but seems a little early to dedicate the website for ipad users, instead of just designing a mobile version.

  6. I'm with you there, and I'm not saying its perfect. More of a "wait and see" type thing.

    This looks weird now, but its one of those things that we'll tell our befuddled grandchildren one day about how we used to work on computers that had a "mouse" and "keyboard" and not touchscreens, and how everything got a little wonky for a bit when we switched over.

    Well, we'll be saying that and "No daughter of mine is going to date one of those damn cybermen! Damn kids today with their space hip hop and the pokemans..."

  7. I'm picturing telling my grandkids, "when I was your age, a single web page featured dozens of posts and images."