Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wolverine and Yukio slaughter some ninjas

Gary Shore brings Chris Claremont's and Frank Miller's Wolverine to life. The video is quite similar in feel to the Halo and Metroid diorama ads. Via.

I'd love to take larger stills - - does anyone know if it's possible to activate the Windows snipping tool while viewing a vimeo or youtube video in full screen? Or absent that, is there a way to view a video in a larger size, but not full screen?

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  1. prtsc/sysrq key on your keyboard should always work ...then open photoshop and paste/ctrl-v

  2. You can also download it first (use the Flashgot plugin on Firefox), then use Media Player Classic (Windows only) or VLC to extract the pics. Vimeo and Youtube, both HD work.

  3. What montana described works but technically the video is at 720p. Anything outputed to anything higher than 1280x720 is upscaled and Photoshop would probably do better job at it. You can download the mp4 video from Vimeo by logging in and grab individual frames at their native resolution in Quicktime by using the copy function and pasting the frame in Phostoshop, then upscaling it. The is a quick test grab upscaled at 1080p using the "unsharp mask" filter in Photoshop.