Friday, March 11, 2011

Army for Japan t-shirt

Army of Japan t-shirt by Hydro74 available for preoder here, with proceeds benefiting Japan's recovery effort.

Via James White, who posted this image and several recommended donation links:

(Best wishes to anyone hurting tonight. My in-laws live in Japan and Hawaii, so it was an interesting day.)


  1. i love the help japan design!! it actually symbolizes what they're going through at this particular moment.

  2. I hope all is well with your family

  3. Actually, the shirt's logo says (and happens to be the official kanji- and Chinese-character logo for the) Salvation Army. Yes, that Salvation Army, Santa Claus and all...
    Hope your friends and family are fine. I too have friends in Japan, and we had originally planned on being there this week. Poor guys...

  4. Best wishes to your friends, too. Even the aftershocks they're having are huge.