Monday, March 7, 2011

Art Contest: Create a poster for X-Men: First Class

The trailer for X-Men: First Class is stylish and sexy. But the posters are boring and ugly:

Your challenge is to create the stylish and sexy poster that X-Men: First Class deserves. You're welcome to submit as many posters as you'd like. i09 posted several high-res screencaps from the trailer if you'd like some inspiration.

All entries must be submitted to me by midnight Sunday April 3.

And the prize? Best poster will win four t-shirts of their choice from Last Exit to Nowhere. I may also send Threadless credits to particularly deserving runners-up.


  1. Is this strictly a Photoshop college contest or is any medium welcome?

    Also, is there an e-mail address or site to submit once the project is finished?

  2. Illustration, photoshop, whatever. I'm jstruan at gmail.

  3. I am interested to join. this is cool!

  4. I dig Magneto's turtle neck and leather, like Steve McQueen in Bullitt.

  5. I may give this a shot! I'll need to brush up on the subject matter, though.