Thursday, March 24, 2011

Art inspired by the movies of Stanley Kubrick

A few highlights from an enormous collection of art inspired by the movies of Stanley Kubrick:

The Shining by Max Brown.

Eyes Wide Shut by Melissa Mills.

Spartacus by Viktor Hertz.

Photographs by Justin Kent from a Shining-themed party at Timberline Lodge.

The Shining by Erica Gibson.

2001 by Brecht Vandenbroucke.

The Shining by Ben Whitesell.

2001 by Carlos Ramos.

China / Art&Maña Sitges Festival Internacional de Cinema Fantàstic de Catalunya.

The Shining by Grégoire Guillemin.

The Shining by Edward Brown.

Eyes Wide Shut by Aurélie Scour.

2001 by James White.

2001 by Carlos Ramos.

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  1. only 3 of his films?

  2. correction... only 4 of his films?

  3. The rest can be seen here :