Friday, March 11, 2011

Bioshock Infinite display at PAX

There's a very cool Bioshock Infinite photo opportunity at PAX. A forum poster explains:

So went too PAX East on Friday, here's the part of my experience as pertains with Bioshock Infinite and Irrational.

First, as soon as you walk in the door past the info desk you see the Bioshock Infinite booth, HIM is bursting through the wall with his claw out and you can take pictures in his claw with an actress playing Elizabeth, she would reach her hands out too like she was working her powers to save you from the claws from HIM. Her outfit looked pretty much spot on!! I think it was made by I.G Sarah and she did a great job!
You can read a bit more about the Bioshock Presentation here.

And speaking of PAX, check out this Minecraft cosplay.

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