Friday, March 25, 2011

Illustration roundup

Olly Moss posted a bunch of very rough concepts at Twitter. Some worked better than others, and some were NSFW.

Relatedly, check out this homage? rip-off? of Olly Moss's Star Wars posters.

Sucker Punch fan art by Dustin d'Arnault.

Gogo Yubari by Tiffany Liu for the upcoming Tarantino and Coen Brothers-themed show curated by Spoke Art.

Catwoman and Samus by Valerio Vega.

Illustration by Jesse Auersalo for an article in Playboy about a serial killer in Panama. (About these murders, maybe?)

The Shredder by Dave Rapoza.

Jill Thompson is selling her Wonder Woman and Medusa prints for $20 each. Via.

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