Friday, March 4, 2011

Link roundup

1. I choose to assume this is not a hoax - - Mazda is recalling thousands of recent models because spiders like to build webs in their cannister vent lines.

2. Scary story about Ivan Lendl's dogs.

3. Allegedly, the Phoenix, Arizona police department greatly exaggerated the number of kidnappings in the city in order to obtain more federal money.


  1. Might be helpful if you note the URL links themselves (not necessarily the content) might be NSFW. I'm expecting a call on the story about Ivan Lendl's dogs after someone reviews our proxy logs and see's the f-word in the url. Love the site btw, just wanted to point that out.

  2. Sorry - - I try to warn when the site contains nudity, but probably won't remember to warn about profanity.