Saturday, March 5, 2011

Link roundup

1. Kotaku on the 3DS: "six days in, and I've already ditched the 3D. I loathe it, and it's a feature I can do without." By comparison, Destructoid doesn't report negative side effects, but does say, "Games look just as good when the 3D is all the way off, mind you." But by all means buy one at eBay.

2. Tips for laid of writers/reporters.

3. If you missed the announcement, art from the Super Punch Tarot is now on sale at Bear and Bird Gallery. Enter the coupon code "spFREESHIP" at checkout for free U.S. shipping on all purchases through midnight on March 19, 2011. There's a reduced shipping rate available for international users too, but you'll have to email the gallery. (Sorry everybody, there's no printed decks available, and only some of the art from the deck is available for purchase.)

4. The BBTS has plush Angry Birds and a 2012 Giger calendar.