Sunday, March 6, 2011

Link roundup

1. FYI, you're a sucker if you got to the Borders liquidation "sale."

2. Interesting article about how painful it was to design games for the NES (sounds like the same article could be written about designing for Apple's app store). Via.

3. Computers are taking over a lot of the work lawyers used to do. (Doctors are next.) Via.


  1. Not really a sucker if you bought the magazines.

  2. I came in the first day of clearance (my local store is closing) and it absolutely disgusted me how many people were there. The average discount was only 20%. I used to shop at Borders about once a week or two, particularly when there were 40% off coupons (or, rarely, 50%). I'm pretty obsessive about price but like my books to be in new condition, and using the 40% coupon often beats Amazon's price even with tax (I used them for TPBs). Similarly, most mass market paperbacks don't even have a discount on Amazon, so I didn't mind using the 33% coupons.

    Fortunately for me a local Half Price Books recently opened up. While it's all used books, I freaking love it.