Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Link roundup

1. "Family firms" (firms where one relative takes control of a business when another relative steps down) do far better in Japan than the rest of the world. Why? Because Japanese families adopt an adult to run the family firm.

2. Jim Shooter started writing The Legion of Super Heroes when he was in high school, and based the characters on kids he knew:

With Mort's blessing I struggled to find raison d'etre for a character called Bouncing Boy, who previously had been offered up at face value, and played straight and serious. I found my Bouncing Boy among my Bethel Park Senior High classmates, in the person of a friend whose initials, T.K., and slightly rotund body had earned him the nickname "Teakettle." Going through high school coping with a weight problem and the name Teakettle is not a whole lot different, I think, than being Bouncing Boy in the Legion of Super-Heroes. Thus, in my mind, they became one, and BB grew into a bright-but-insecure, self-effacing, lovable guy who was resigned to the role of comic relief and once described himself as the Legion's "...self-appointed chief of morale."
3. "An NFL lockout could have dire snack food consequences, and the chicken wing industry is bracing itself for the worst."