Friday, March 11, 2011

Portal mirrors

A Reddit user's living room features Portal-themed mirrors.

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  1. Directions?/Tutorial or something?

    Ex: How to get spiral effect from the LED's

  2. Looks like 2 short sets of LED rope lights, like you can get at Home Depot, 1 red-orange, 1 blue. Zip-ties and adhesive zip-tie anchors are also widely available; Ikea even has kits of them. I think the spiral light-ray effect was just a lucky extra, since the LEDs probably all point the same direction inside the vinyl rope, which are wrapped twice (plus some) around the perimeter of the mirrors, and anchored with the zip-tie stuff.

    Looks like a block of wood in the centers keeps a 1- or 2-inch clearance from the wall, and provides a mounting point.

    - Theo

  3. You could also add a controlling chip from christmas lights ect. for the lights on the outer ring. That way you could add glowing effect.

  4. From the redit page:

    Alright, husband here with a list of materials. A quick how-to is next.
    First, the materials:
    Mirrors are from Ikea, reakt80 posted the link below.
    LED Rope Light from Orange Tree Trade. It is high-quality stuff and supposedly is dimmable, but I haven't been able to test that yet. Get these lights if you for sure want that "really cool radial thing going on" that asherrd mentioned. 10ft Blue LED Kit , 10ft Orange LED Kit Looking over those links just gave me the idea of possibly using the chasing LED lights available on the site for an even cooler effect...
    Small plastic self-adhesive mounting bases and zip ties to attach the lights, found mine at Home Depot
    Some scrap 1/2in-thick wood for the spacer/mount to the wall
    Strong adhesive to attach wood to back of mirror, I just used a basic two-part epoxy