Thursday, March 24, 2011

Soldier dogs by ThreeA toys

Adventure Kartel: Satanic Labrador Circle of Destruction and Dark Things by ThreeA Toys. What's your guess? Over $50 each? Only available as a set for $150?

*At Toycutter: Custom ThreeA Toys.

*Buy ThreeA Toys at eBay.


  1. Their figure tonight that was up for preorder "listed at $85, but cost $125" Why would they tell us that?

    $50 each seems like something they would do.

  2. The Barguest was always listed at $120.00. The price was up about a week ago, but somehow there was a short SNAFU at selling time, quickly corrected. And with free shipping, whats to complain about?

  3. The dogs were a special spur-of-the-moment sale the night that the Bleak Mission figure was released for preorder. They cost $85 but were listed in very limited quantity. I have only ever seen these on eBay for $200.