Monday, April 18, 2011

Flying monkey costume

Flying monkey costume available at the BBTS. Shouldn't some costume shop post videos of models trying on its costumes? This one must have been hilarious, right?

*Buy flying monkeys at eBay.


  1. Friend of mine wore this very costume last Halloween to a Wizard of Oz themed costume party. It was awesome, but had the fatal flaw of causing him to be about 200 degrees at the party! That thing does NOT breathe. Could be great for trick-or-treating though!

  2. i have this costume.
    the fez was crushed AND sewn on backwards, the wings were challenging. and, as can be seen from the picture, it has no monkey ears.
    i fixed the hat, made some ears from a hairband and foamcore, threw a couple safety pins at the wings, et voila! awesome flying monkey costume.

    and, as i wear a gorilla suit pretty regularly professionally, let me add that pocket slashes and a fly cut into that jumpsuit are a must.

  3. I like me homemade costume better: