Saturday, April 9, 2011

Link roundup

1. I just realized this myself this week - - if you let your Flickr pro account expire, Flickr keeps your photos hostage until you renew.

2. Really great interview showing how various important people at Marvel got their jobs in comics. For example, Joe Quesada:

"I couldn't get an interview at Marvel, so I called Jim Owsley at DC, who had just started there, and he yelled at me that he didn't have the time. So I ran up to DC['s offices] and asked for Jim Owsley, and they called him, and [the receptionist] said, 'Wait here.' So I waited, and eventually Jim Owsley, who wouldn't see me in his office, saw me in the lobby. He came out, and he was sweating and he was all scattered, and he said, 'Whattya got, whattya got, whattya got?' I showed him my portfolio. 'I thought you were gonna suck.' 'Thanks.' 'I got bad news for you. I have no assignments for you; I have two crappy licensed books from TSR. I hate them, and I have no assignments. So I'll tell you what: do me a favor. Go home, give me an inventory cover for this book. Go home, do this for me, and bring it back.'

"So I go home and that night, I drew the cover," Quesada continued. "I bring it back, they call him, and he says, "What are you doing?' 'Here's your cover.' 'I didn't mean now!' 'Well, I got nothing else to do, here it is now.' So he looked at me and said. 'Thank you, I've got no other work for you. You don't have a job, do you? I might have something for you in the next week or two. Stay here, and let me talk to our managing editor, and see if there's an open assignment.' So fifteen, twenty, thirty minutes go by, then 45 minutes, maybe an hour. The receptionist says, 'Mr. Owsley would like to see you in his office.' I walk through the door, and he says, 'Let me ask you; what are the odds of one of the artists on one of my two solo books should call me up, get pissed off, curse me out, and quit?' I said, 'Pretty astronomical.' He said, 'What are the odds that I would give this assignment to some guy that just walked in off the street yesterday and handed me a cover I wasn't expecting this morning? Well, congratulations, buddy. Consider yourself the luckiest sonovabitch in the history of comics.' And to this day, I consider myself the luckiest sonovabitch in the history of comics."
3. Arianna Huffington: "We are betting that content will be free, except maybe for financial information or weird porn."