Sunday, April 17, 2011

Link roundup

1. From a long interview about the creation of Super Meat Boy:

Edmund: It's hard to say our personal expenses were something that really went wrong, due to the fact that it was a HUGE motivator to getting the game done, but it was definitely an issue as we moved into the last few months of development.

There was one point where I had emergency gallbladder surgery that put me in the hole $50,000 due to the fact that I couldn't afford health insurance.

We had no real money at all, and even all the comics we had printed for GDC and PAX were attained through a barter system where my wife would make plush toys to sell in the Newgrounds store in exchange for the cost of printing.

Our situation was quite dire at several key points of development, but I've been on the poverty line for the past 10 years, so going without wasn't much of an issue, and honestly, we had much bigger issues to worry about anyway.

Tommy: At one point I had negative $800 in the bank. It's bad when you go to a 7-Eleven to buy a Coke Zero and get rejected. Turns out, each one of those Coke Zeros cost me about $40.
2. Dumbest meme I can remember, but here's a printable mask if you want to give yourself Steve Buscemi eyes.

3. Now this version of the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man is truly horrifying.

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