Friday, April 22, 2011

Link roundup

1. ESPN's 2011 all-overrated MLB team.

2. William Gibson loves the Dyson air multiplier:

Just saw/experienced the Dyson Air Multiplier. FAR more amazing than the Dyson Air Blade.

With the Air Blade, you can imagine how it works. air Multiplier is Arthur C. Clarke's definition of magic. Seriously. 22nd Century tech.

And they look like very large, utterly minimalist pieces of extremely high-end Scandinavian jewellery. And the breeze feels like one.

Love it when a moment of feeling like an immigrant to a new century is so utterly positive.
$300+ at Amazon. Here's an explanation for how they work - - they use something called "process entrainment."

3. It's fascinating reading Susannah Breslin's blog at Forbes (which is about her struggles moving from one job to another, and how to be a successful blogger in general). I don't think she's been blogging there for more than two months, and already she's written a post that is more or less about how she's making choices that will sabotage her continued employment there.