Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Link roundup

1. Anyone watching Tough Enough? It's been terrific so far.

2. Gawker says, "The small-town newspapers in New York's Hudson Valley that Fox News chief Roger Ailes owns with his wife Elizabeth are in a staff revolt after employees caught Ailes spying on them with News Corp. security goons."

3. The 50% off sale at Things From Another World has started.


  1. MTV either had a Tough Enough show a while back or one just like it and I loved it back then. I might have to catch up on this one.

  2. In truth, I missed the first few, but I have been enjoying this one thus far. Highlight of the series has got to have been the look on Bill DeMott's face when Stone Cold Steve Austin said "je ne sais quoi".

  3. @Cleveland - yes, MTV used to have Tough Enough. McMahon bought the rights to the show because he felt MTV did a piss poor job of it. WWE now runs the show, and it's better than it was. a lot better.

  4. The USA Network will be airing a WWE Tough Enough marathon this Saturday starting at 9:00am EST. The first three episodes will air consecutively, in case you missed any of them. Additionally, this past Monday's episode featuring Big Show and Stacy Keibler will also air on late Saturday night/early Sunday morning at 1:00am EST.

  5. Matt's face and physical reaction at the end of Episode Two was one of the greatest moments in WWE programming and I'm a die hard wrestling fan. (We all know about my webcomic, right? right?

    It's a legit issue that the "talent" after this week's episode has been seriously, seriously depleted. If there are more "surprise" eliminations over the next couple of episodes it's going to be a weak group to root for.

    BUT, it's the best Tough Enough since Season 1, right? I mean, maybe the best ever, but that Season 1 was totally entertaining and exciting with Maven, Nidia, Chris Nowinski and Josh Matthews (hey, one of those guys still has a WWE job!)

  6. My favorite was the season where the went to Iceland (I think?). Hard to tell about the people remaining since they really haven't been featured yet.

  7. @John you're right. I think there's one guy (tall with ponytail) that hasn't said ANYTHING yet. I'm not even for sure who the female competitors are outside of Rima and Short, Blonde.

    I just feel like they've sold Luke as being so far ahead of the pack and the rest of the guys being so remarkably flawed that it doesn't seem like much of a competition, to me. But the SCSA eliminations are pure gold. I want him on American Idol or maybe Top Chef. Just for the eliminations.

    I hope to God that whoever the last person eliminated is gets a stunner.

  8. They don't say it, but the big guys have a tremendous advantage. Kane didn't talk or even show his face forever, but was successful just based on size.

    The small guys have to be mindblowing, flawless.