Friday, April 29, 2011

Link roundup

1. ESPN's main NBA blogger bet before the season that Darko Milicic would contribute more than Shaquille O'Neal. Darko had twice as many points and more than three times as many blocks, and dominated in all the other box score stats. So he must have contributed more, right?

2. Video shows off the Sith Warrior class in The Old Republic.

3. You can read 26 comics for free with Dark Horse's new digital app. (Which would be more exciting to me if I had a tablet. The companies are kidding themselves if they think $1+ an issue is a reasonable price.)


  1. Why is $1 an issue not a reasonable price for digital?

  2. Not sure if you mean it is too cheap or too rich for digital content. I think there should be a system where new issues cost more than classics/old issues. It's be great if you could buy issues of classic 60's marvel titles for $1 each; or better yet cheaper.