Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Old Spice Jungle Wilderness commercial

Take a tour through an extremely dangerous jungle in the Jungle Wilderness ad for Old Spice:

Wieden + Kennedy Portland’s new Old Spice campaign, ‘Danger Zone’, treks determinedly into the action-adventure genre with ‘Jungle’. The spot features a new Old Spice guy who will stop at nothing to meet his lovely lady. Shot on location in Auckland, NZ, Biscuit’s Tim Godsall directed and, in another winning collaboration with W+K on Old Spice, The Mill LA produced VFX.

“The big challenge was getting all that action into one spot,” says Robert Sethi, our VFX Supervisor/Lead 3D Artist on ‘Jungle’. The shoot included over a week of prep during which rehearsals meticulously choreographed encounters with a crocodile, jungle snakes, piranhas and a speeding truck . . . .

‘Jungle’s’ last scene features our hero emerging from a lake of flesh-eating piranhas, but nonetheless as cool and debonair as ever. Giles Cheetham, our Lead 2D Artist, explains he was filmed in his chic white suit with blue leggings against blue screen; they were removed then a CG skeleton was matched to his legs.