Sunday, April 17, 2011

This drummer is really into it

Passionate drummer - - he really shows his stuff at 1:26 2:57 & 4:29. Via.


  1. I'm really surprised you're posting this now! It was a big viral video quite some time ago. This drummer is friends with one of my musician buddies in Charlotte, NC--his name (drummer, not my friend) is Steve Moore. He sent me a bunch of pics of the two of them meeting Mike Portnoy (Dream Theater) after Portnoy posted this video on his website or his forum or something.

  2. Steve Moore, the 'mad drummer' in question, has capitalized on the attention he received when this video went viral last summer. Cf. the interview here:


    To be honest, I think it’s the contrast of the whole thing. It’s not really normal to go bonkers playing a ZZ Top song, while wearing a sparkly jacket. I did a lot of that stuff when I played with Triple X, and Dofka. However, it was “normal” to do that in a metal band. So it didn’t really stand out.

    Something else that I feel pushed it over the edge, was the title “This drummer is at the wrong gig.” As I said earlier, I’m a Metal Drummer, so I stick out like a sore thumb. However, it certainly adds a twist to it… LOL'