Monday, April 4, 2011

X-Men: First Class poster contest

Update: I picked Clyde Bailey's entry as best meeting the challenge of providing the "stylish and sexy poster that X-Men: First Class deserves." Thanks to everyone who participated.

Here are all the entires in the X-Men: First Class poster design contest. I'll announce the winner(s) later today.

The first entry isn't a poster, instead it's Saul Bass/James Bond-style opening credits for the movie:

Joe D!.

Shane Parker.

Bryan Lenning.

Jason Peters.

Rory Phillips.

John Moody.

Dean Reeves.

Kirk Dunne.

Berry Villegas.

Clyde Bailey.

Nicholas Baltra.

John J. Freeze.

Erik Johnson.

Gruffydd Ywain.

Christian Jacke.

Josh Siegel.

Michael Dee.

Dane Forst.

Jeffrey Zhang.

Carlos Melgares.

Austen Lavery.

Rob Lockley.


  1. Wow, everyone did a really great job. While I'm sure the designer of the official poster isn't to blame, they probably got orders from the studio to tie the movie as close to the original trilogy as possible instead of risking an actual interesting design, I think that most of these posters do a much better job setting the tone of the movie (group of misfits struggling to find their way in the turbulent times of the Civil Rights Movement, McCarthyism, and the Cuban Missle Crisis) than just a giant metal school emblem.

    Great job everyone, round of applause!

  2. wow, very talented submitters here. Glad to have been a part of it.

  3. Fantastic posters, the winner truly deserved it.

  4. So much better than the official posters. Well done!