Wednesday, May 18, 2011

2011 mailaway Boba Fett in protoype armor

Here's what the latest Star Wars mailaway figure looks like - - Boba Fett in protoype armor.

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  1. Is this meant to be...

    Boba Fett before he painted up his clone armour?

    A 'prototype' figurine in the stage before colour is added?

    A 'rare' no colour figure that the machines overlooked?

    I used to collect the post '97 Star Wars figures, I only occasionally look at them in the shops now, but all I seem to see if stuff like this. They've covered every possible character a dozen times over. I just don't get the purpose of a white Boba Fett...

  2. His original look - - he was going to be more like a Stormtrooper.

  3. Ben -
    Boba Fett was originally designed to be a "Super Trooper" - basically an advanced stormtrooper. He evolved into a single, unique character. This design represents several appearances Boba Fett made prior to his armor being painted and dents being added. He made several appearances like this circa 1978.