Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Illustration roundup

Batman wallpaper available in high-res here.

Oh, Betty!

Seriously, if this was just fan art by some random artist, would anyone have reposted it today? I mean, it's almost as ridiculous as getting excited over the news that George Lucas has written 50 hours of scripts of a Star Wars series.

Kate Beaton mocks a mermaid cover. (Speaking of, Hark! A Vagrant! can now be preordered for 37% off Amazon.)


  1. Agreed on the JLA art. Really boring and in no way different from what is the standard DC/Jim Lee fare. This is not reinvention.

    And I write that as a lifelong DC fan. Am I the only one who thinks this reboot thing is baffling and pointless?

  2. I find the reboot pointless but the art has impact. Although I prefer the pencils.