Thursday, May 5, 2011

Link roundup

1. Nina Stone reviewing comic Brightest Day #24:

Here's the thing. This was one of those reading experiences where I really felt that this stuff is not written for me, and I shouldn't be reading it. Or critiquing it. I mean, this - Brightest Day in particular - is not really for adults. I'm not saying that comics aren't for adults. I would never say that. But this series? It definitely isn't.
I bought my boys a two pack of figures that included "Dark Spider-Man" and "Dark Wolverine" and an issue of Dark Avengers. I've read very few Marvel comics in the last five years, so I wasn't familiar with the characters. I read the comic in a minute or two and was entirely unimpressed and the experience basically convinced me that I shouldn't go out and buy any Marvel comics. But my 4 and 6 year old instantly looooooooved it and looked through it over and over again.

2. The latest Penny Arcade strip is a good time to remind everyone that the pictures you mark as favorites at DeviantArt are not private.

3. Mike Stoklasa reviews Scream 4.