Thursday, May 5, 2011

Link roundup

1. Nina Stone reviewing comic Brightest Day #24:

Here's the thing. This was one of those reading experiences where I really felt that this stuff is not written for me, and I shouldn't be reading it. Or critiquing it. I mean, this - Brightest Day in particular - is not really for adults. I'm not saying that comics aren't for adults. I would never say that. But this series? It definitely isn't.
I bought my boys a two pack of figures that included "Dark Spider-Man" and "Dark Wolverine" and an issue of Dark Avengers. I've read very few Marvel comics in the last five years, so I wasn't familiar with the characters. I read the comic in a minute or two and was entirely unimpressed and the experience basically convinced me that I shouldn't go out and buy any Marvel comics. But my 4 and 6 year old instantly looooooooved it and looked through it over and over again.

2. The latest Penny Arcade strip is a good time to remind everyone that the pictures you mark as favorites at DeviantArt are not private.

3. Mike Stoklasa reviews Scream 4.


  1. So you read ONE comic you didn't like and decided to never buy a Marvel comic again? Smart move.

  2. I read a ton of comics, and not a lot by Marvel. Some of the Marvel over-arching storylines sound so silly I can't bring myself to read them. 'One More Day' and the 'House of M' might be great, but the basic descriptions of these events sound epically ridiculous even for comic book standards. Where DC has nailed it is with girls, I have two daughters 4 and 6, and they are nuts for DC's kids titles (many of which I honestly can't imagine a boy reading).

    There are just so many awesome titles out there, and you can't read everything.

  3. Have you tried Thor The Mighty Avenger. I respect you're opinion and as a devout Marvel Zombie I have to at least try and recommend something I thought was choice.

  4. Marvel Adventures is their kid's line. Their main line is aimed at late twenties men. Their more adult Max line is, of course, aimed toward late teens/early twenties males.

  5. I read an issue of Thor and thought it was tremendously overrated. It was fine, nothing more. In general, I'm not interested in the endless reboots of characters. I want new.

    Haven't tried any of the Marvel zombie stuff.

    I also read the Steve Dillon trade paperback of Wolverine vs. Deadpool vs. Daken (whatever it was called), and wasn't crazy about it. Otherwise, I can't remember reading very much Marvel in the last two years. (Because every time I try something, I'm disappointed, and I haven't been reading rave reviews of anything.)

  6. I read a Spider-Man trade paperback too, and hated it. Some inane storyline about Aunt May getting married.

  7. OK, I did read something by Marvel that I liked - - a Fantastic Four collection about Johnny becoming Galactus's herald. It wasn't Shakespeare, but it was good fun.